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As industry-leading GST experts based in Kolkata, MBRM & Associates is dedicated to assisting clients in staying up-to-date with the latest amendments in GST regulations and ensuring full compliance with existing laws. Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced consultants who specialize in reviewing the applicability of taxes on transactions. We excel in performing thorough monthly and annual tax computations, ensuring timely payments, and expertly preparing reconciliations for accurate and transparent financial records. Trust MBRM & Associates to provide comprehensive GST services that meet your compliance needs while maximizing your operational efficiency.

Our GST Service Includes:

  • GST Migrations and Registrations
  • Filing of GST Returns (Regular Dealer, Composition Dealer, ISD, Non-Resident, E-Commerce, etc)
  • GST Consultancy/Advisory on various issues of GST
  • Impact Analysis on Business Segments
  • GST Audits as per GST Act, 2017
  • GST Implementation
  • Compilation of Data of Input Tax Credit
  • GST Assessments
  • Transition from Pre-GST to GST Regime
  • Maintenance of Records for Compliance
  • Strategic Business Planning under GST Regime
  • Supplier/Buyer Management
  • GSTN Number Verification Services
  • HSN Code Finder
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